Gardening/Handyman Referral

Once we receive this form we will be in touch to discuss the details.

We will visit your property and provide a quote for the work eg.. 3 hrs every 3 weeks or 5hr clean up and two hrs every month etc.
Please note: In line with WHS guidelines the following will not be undertaken by our Gardener / Handyman:1. Mowing over Dog Faeces. (please remove prior to mower attending) IF you have a dog and are unable to remove prior, please let us know. We understand that some disabilities may make this difficult,however we will need to increase the charge as the removal will need to occur prior to mowing – some of our gardeners are happy to undertake this.2. Moving items to mow underneath. This includes trampolines, rabbit hatches etc – again we are happy to be flexible if your disability makes this difficult however this will incur additional charges and will need to be inline with WHS. Eg will require 2 people.3. Working in conditions which are hazardous to the health of team members – this includes extreme heat, cold, rain and storms. In the event you are scheduled for gardening and this occurs you will berescheduled to the very next available time.

We can arrange rubbish removal if required, please discuss with your Support Coordinator or call our office.
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