Group Programs

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Social and Therapy Groups

Why are social and therapy groups so important?

The groups can help you be more social, make friends and have fun along the way. They can guide you to reach your personal goals in a positive way, by helping you to clarify the barriers, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.

Who needs it?

People who may be isolated, have a small network and want to make more friends. People experiencing emotional and physical difficulties affecting their lives.

Anybody who would like to be included in activities in a friendly and non-judgemental environment

What do I need in my plan?

You will need Capacity Building, Improved Daily Living in your plan or Core funding, Social and Community Access

How do I get it?

Speak to your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator about accessing this funding.

What is the age group?

Our day time groups are planned for adult activities and we have children’s group programs during school holidays.

What times are the groups run?

Monday 1pm – 3pm
Tuesday 1pm-3pm
Wednesday 3pm-5pm

Check out the calendar for an up to date schedule.

What times are the groups run?

You can join our groups at anytime by calling the office on 03 5275 8627 or fill out our online referral form.

What does it cost?

We are a registered provider of NDIS services. We are registered to claim services at the Temporary Transition Payment level. For more information on the price of the services we provide, please visit the NDIS page on Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits.