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Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is a service offered by a disability provider. It refers to the financial management and administration of NDIS plans on behalf of individuals with a disability. A Plan Manager is a registered NDIS provider, allowing participants to have their funding paid to service providers who are not NDIS registered.

How do I get paid?

Simple! After you have provided services to one of our participants, just send your invoice to

We aim to process and pay all invoices within 5 business days. If there is a problem with your invoice we will be in touch.

How should I invoice?
For prompt processing, please ensure your invoice includes the following information:
  • Invoice date
  • Your name/company name
  • Your ABN
  • Full name of the NDIS participant and NDIS number if known
  • Date(s) of service provided
  • A meaningful description of services provided that are in line with the NDIS funding categories, and if possible include NDIS item codes
  • Your rates must be within the rates specified in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements
  • Your bank details
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Please send your invoice in a universal read-only format such as PDF
For more information on invoice requirements please visit the Getting paid page on the NDIS website.
Please note that handwritten invoices may require additional processing time.
How do I know which item codes and prices to use?

For the most up-to-date information on NDIS item codes and the maximum rates for each service, please visit the Pricing arrangements page on the NDIS website.

Do I need a service agreement?

A written service agreement is mandatory for service providers delivering Specialist Disability Accommodation supports to NDIS participants.

For all other supports, a service agreement is strongly recommended, but not mandatory, before providing supports to a participant. If you send us a copy of your service agreement, we can allocate funding to you in our system, which will aid us in assisting participants in budgeting their NDIS funds.

My client needs a Plan Manager!

We can help! Please submit a referral and we will be in touch soon.

How can I contact the Plan Management team?

The best way to contact us is to email your query to If your query is time-sensitive you can call our office on (03) 5275 8627 and ask to speak to the Plan Management team.

Our Plan Management Team

Jesse Nihill

Plan Management Program Coordinator


Deeksha Shrivastava

Plan Management Program Coordinator


Kirsty Blaik

Program Administrator - Plan Management

Amrinder Kaur

Amrinder Kaur

Program Administrator - Plan Management & Intake