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Psychology Assessments

Why do we need them?

There are a range of reasons why a person may need an assessment, you may be seeking to understand more about your mental health, or have noticed you are experiencing some difficulties with your life such as learning or functioning at school, in the workplace or at home. You may have been encouraged by a teacher or other professional to seek confirmation on a potential diagnosis or you, your family and friends may want to understand your behaviour better. 

Psychologists receive extensive training to provide you with evidence-based assessment and interventions that are tailored to your unique and individual needs. Therapy is an interactive and collaborative process where you and your therapist will agree to an intervention plan and work together to address any concerns you might have. Within this intervention, it’s YOUR individual needs and requirements that are prioritized.

Anyone can benefit from seeing a Psychologist. Looking after our mind is an incredibly important part of our well being and our team of friendly therapists are there to support you with their non-judgemental and caring approach.

Who needs them?

Some people may need an assessment and report to assist with applying for NDIS and other types of funding. These assessments can help with a diagnosis of Intellectual disability (ID), Autism, Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Mood and anxiety disorders and a range of other mental health concerns. 

What assessments are available?
  • ADOS-2
  • ABAS-3
  • Brown EF/A
  • DIVA-5
These assessments cover neurodevelopmental evaluations, which can be used to assist in the diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. Our therapists also use multiple other sources of information across different contexts in addition to these tools, in order to make a diagnosis. 
Several screening and assessment tools are used for delving into mental health concerns and can assist with aiding your ongoing support. For example, our therapists may use the K10, DASS-21, PAI and a range of other tools dependant on the concern being investigated. 
Can my plan pay for them?

Your plan can cover general sessions with a psychologist and some assessments do require general sessions. Please get in contact with our team to discuss this further. 

What does it cost?

The costs involved depend on each person’s requirements. We have access to create a flexible payment plan, Medicare rebates and accept a range of different funding.  Please get in contact with our team to discuss this further. 

How long do they take?
Depending on the assessment, we allow a 6-10 week time frame. We will also need to take into consideration the availability of you and the psychologist.
We have a short waitlist to book an appointment.
What can I expect at the end of the assessment?

Full comprehensive report inclusive of recommendations, and ongoing support if appropriate. 

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Psychology Senior Practitioner
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Michael Bonwick

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Joyce Intong

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